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Kastor! TV


The TV with big teeth

Watch TV on your computer screen!

K!TV is the best way to watch Tv on your computer. Download, install and watch your favorite TV shows!


K!Tv can be used with a remote control

K!TV is free and is fully functional! It is based on free technologies to bring you a high quality software. No ad, no spyware, just K!TV.

Very easy to configure

You just need to have Tv watching hardware on your computer, such as a tv card. K!TV is now compatible with most of the Tv hardware for PCs!

K!Tv uses nxtvepg software

No need to buy a tv guide

K!TV uses Electronic Program Guide (EPG) technology to make your life simpler. Thanks to the integrated nxtvepg software, at any time you can have informations about your tv shows, read summaries of your films, etc... Every time you switch channel or whenever you want, K!TV gives you the name and time of the actual show.

Record whenever you want !

K!Tv and ZoomOut make recording easy

No more VHS! K!TV now comes with the famous ZoomOut plug-in. Program your recordings, watch them whenever you want, and enjoy K!TV's image quality.


K!TV and its website are translated in various languages. Yours is not present? Feel free to translate the website or K!TV itself. Some would be grateful...

Help to improve K!TV

K!TV is made by independent and non-profit developers whose only aim is to produce the best Tv software ever. And that's it... Feel free to help them by bringing your remarks, bug tracking, translations and financial contributions.

K!TV uses performant filters

Want some more?

Various plug-ins have been developed for K!TV, bringing users more and more functions. But we only support plug-ins which are shipped with K!TV.


  • Excellent image quality
  • Compatible with all Tv cards
  • Teletext support
  • Ergonomic with a simple and intuitive interface
  • TV programs listing (NexTView EPG Technology)
  • Very low resources consumption
  • Record your favorite tv shows digitally